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Why is my abandoned cart numbers are so high?

Posted on Nov 11, 2022

You just launched your e-commerce store, and you have your ads. Your ads are attracting a ton of customers, and they are adding to items to cart. Yet you have not hit your sales.

You are so close to having a successful ecommerce business.

Let's see what we can take a look at to get your store selling.

First take a look at your prices. You need to be upfront about the price for the customer. If you are showing a promotion on the product page, yet once it is added to cart, that promotion isn't showing up. Customers want to see what they are paying for upfront. Make sure your product pages and cart page show the same price for all customers.

Now you are probably asking how can that happen? Automatic discounts is a big conflict of what a customer can see on a product page. Another one is tiered discounted.

Once that is completed lets move to the second thing. A broken link that prevents customers to go checkout or checkout is broken so the customers can't complete the purchase.

Most likely you didn't set up the payment gateway or shipping details. These are common and should be the first things checked before launching your e-commerce business.