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Being the first to market and to iterate fast is key to any successful product. We have battle tested processes and technology to be able to move fast when it is required.

Performance is key when a solution is being built. We use a whole arsenal to make sure our solution is ready for your busiest days. While making sure we are following the best practices for a full featured product.

Precision is a major efficiency marker. Imagine giving requirements and getting back a solutions that answers the entire requirements. That is the promise we make to all our clients.

Our Portfolio

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Wedding Day Timeline

Took over development from a junior developer to give a more formal process to the development. It currently works with the paradigm of vue and nuxt. With an API written in express. The site runs on GCP's cloud run platform. With some minor CI / CD on github.
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Grow With Hype

Helped with increasing their service offering by doing wordpress development. We played an integral part with architecting the more complex solutions. Also was the technical leads when speaking to vendors for their clients.

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