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Being a Data First Ecommerce Shop

Posted on Mar 03, 2022

Do you know what story your data is telling you? Does your Google Analytics look like a bunch of numbers with no meaning? Find out how to be a data first ecommerce store.

Google Analytics Ecommerce Dashboard

Google Analytics allows you to gather all your data to one area, but you then it is on you to start working with that data to uncover the opportunities presented.

Would you be able to tell that big spike in revenue is from a few products that were brought back into stock? Google Analytics does great with traffic but there is so much more to the story about your shop and customers.

Let's break down what it means to be a data first ecommerce shop.

First things is tracking a customer using your site. This will uncover opportunities to reduce customer friction. One great example is a user "rage clicking" on a part of your site. That show how that the customer believes that part should be clickable. Either you can make that a clickable element or redesign it to take more thought on deter the customer from clicking. That data can even help with reducing return rates.

Second thing there is no one dashboard that can encompass all data for the entire business. Most ecommerce stores should have different dashboards for each function, lets take customer support. A dashboard for customer support should have the current return rate for the week, grouping of emails coming into the support account with simple labels, and monitoring social media to see what the brand identity looking.

Third thing is using that data to act on a customer. This can be very simple to very complex. The simple being if a customer enters your site from an Ad, you can show them a coupon to give them that nudge to purchase. A more complex action would be using software they can detect if the user is more likely to purchase or not, due to way they are behaving. If they are not going to purchase, showing them a coupon to push them to purchase.

Those points would make your ecommerce shop a data first store.