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4 Things to do After Order is Delivery

Posted on Dec 12, 2022

Delivering the order to most ecommerce companies is the final stage, but it could be the beginning of a great marketing campaign. We are going to explore 5 ways to really impact the customer and have them coming back.

First thing about 2 to 3 weeks after confirmation of delivery of the order, you should email the buyer and ask for a review. Reviews are the lifeblood of trust for any ecommerce site and to have recent reviews will show great standing in the industry. We also recommend for giving a discount for buyer's time to provide that review. Remember you can't provide a discount code for only good reviews, but for any reviews it is perfectly fine.

Second thing you will want to do is provide instructional videos right after delivery. If your product requires some information to get the buyer started with your product. This creates a feedback loop and can even lead to the buyer entering into a drip campaign that over time sells them on other add or upsell products.

One of our favorite items especially in the influencer market, is hiding a video after a user spends a certain amount or uses a special coupon. Then having an email that is sent as a carrot with the video. This creates that FOMO for the buyer to buy and receive the gift. Causing on the fence buyers to buy.

The last thing to do after an order especially if you are a small business, is to send a thank-you email with some personal words. Telling them how by buying from you makes you want work harder and special ways