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Price Optimization

Price optimization is a great way to increase your margins per product if you’re including shipping in your margin. A way this works is if your business operates on the East Coast, and you’re shipping to someone on the West Coast increasing that price by a few cents or a dollar to bolster the margin. Another interesting thing you can do with price optimization is if you can figure out different zip codes in areas that may be willing to pay a higher price. So that you’re giving them a higher price to pay, and they can absorb that where if you also get somebody that’s coming from a lower economic area you can give them a lower price. This will bring a little more margin into your product based on where are user is lives or ships too. This can be all done with software to be more automatic or to follow strict rules you can set on your shopify store.

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews...

Reviews are one of the most important things an e-commerce store can display. Getting that review maybe difficult or even ignored from customers. The strategy we suggest is to send a follow-up email after received the condiment, and they’re able to actually try it. The email should ask for a review and reward them with a recipe. You have to be careful because you do not want to go and ask them to give you a positive review for the reward. Welcome any type of review.

This will create some social proof that your condiment actually taste good and that other people have used it. I would even encourage them to share their own recipes in the reviews to help build a library of what your condiment can be used for. 


A feature a lot of shops miss is the subscription model, buying six bottles per month or every two weeks is huge revenue boost without a lot of work. This is a customer that you do not have to re-acquire they’re going to just set it on autopilot. The first order is 100% the next order we could take 10% off and so on, allowing the customer to save and not feel like they are missing out on deals, your other customers maybe getting.

Speak to a customer's eye and stomach

Another great hack is to speak to a customers, eyes and stomach while showing a picture of the bottle of your condiment. Showing a picture of the food can be just that show the customer some items your condiment makes taste delicious. You have to remember that you have to use a picture that’s high-quality so that they could see every single part of the food that you’re presenting to them on the website. They should see your condiment glazing over the french fries or dripping on the meat and coming out the sides on a burger. You can go very high-quality with this and hire somebody to make it look authentic and real and using some photo magic, or you can go a little old school using an iphone to get the same effect cheaper.

Out of Stock Email Capture

Out of stock email capture is another great addition to anyone’s site. A lot of the time you may be missing out on people coming to your site, you don't have the supply but to be able to capture an email and let them know when it comes back. You are saving money on your re-acquire of them, I also like to temp them with a promotion or discount code in that email. Making that much harder for them to save no they will not buy.