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Top 3 Ways to Optimize Your Ecommerce Store

Sale / Clearance Items

First thing is having too many items on sale, this will devalue your store. If you want to put a large amount of items on sale, they should be in a sales or clearance collection that doesn't feature them on any other part of the site.

As you showcase sale items, it is psychological setting a base and promise of a lower value.

Our recommendation is to create a hidden collection that you can send the link to already users who have converted. As well as check your traffic, you want to make sure you are getting quality traffic to make your sells. It could also signal that the traffic is low quality.

Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are great for sending a treat through an email or on a landing page across many channels. They also get shared a lot with other websites, that has even sparked entire business industry.

Our recommendation is to use urls that apply the discount. This works a bit better than coupon codes, customers don't have remembered coupon codes and don't get frustrated when they try to apply with it no working or being the wrong one.

Another reason for this, is shops can track where people are coming from better when using an url to apply the discount instead of coupon codes. Giving access to more information around that type of customer.

Product Images

Product images are the face of your brand. A lot of times shop owners take very poor images with their hand in the shot. They use different background colors making products distracting in the collection.

Our recommendation are to show your product or apparel in the wild. Products with complex use case should include a video on how to use. Use a white background as to not be distracting.

Here is a bad product image...

deno logo

vs a good product image...

deno logo

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