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Do you know the number 1 mistake ecommerce stores? Let's talk about what usually leads to these mistakes. You are operating your store normally, then you see for the next few days, your sales drop.

Your reaction maybe one of many ecommerce store owners...

Store with all items on sale

Did you catch the issue? Well we will tell you, it is setting every item you sell, on sale. With "on sale" banners across on all items or strike through the price.

What is wrong with this you are probably saying, customers are not dumb, they see this as a red flag. So now your site is slowing sales, and you are probably making it worst by doing that reactive action.

Here are 3 tips to do before that...

First thing to do is put a session recorder on your site, so you can view where customers are hitting friction.

Second thing we would suggest, is highlight your more profitable item on your homepage with a countdown. By doing this you can make more sells. This also signals to the customers that this has a time limit. Pushing more on the fence customers to buy.

Third thing is using email marketing to boost sales, this is an under utilized method for short term sales. It also because most people get scared to over use this method without realizing they probably under utilized or don't know how to prove